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Our team

With decades of professional experience, our team of former MOE teachers carry an intimate knowledge of the Singapore education framework and are dedicated to improving learning outcomes.


Hannah Low

Hannah brings with her over a decade of experience teaching math in schools, and specialises in primary school math.

She founded LearnersEd to further her passion for developing innovative and engaging lesson plans to help learners discover the joys of learning and create personal connections with the subject.

Hannah graduated from NUS with a Degree in Arts and Social Science (Mathematics) and holds a Diploma in Education (PGDE) awarded from NIE.

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Ow Siew Li

Siew Li has dedicated over 20 years to teaching and specialises in secondary school math. Apart from developing highly effective lesson plans, she is best known for having mentored numerous professional math teachers starting out in their careers. 

She is a firm believer of making math relatable, fortifying her learners' understanding of math fundamentals, and real-world application. Both students and trainee teachers have commended her warm and nurturing style of teaching math.

Siew Li holds both a Bachelor Degree of Science in Mathematics from NUS and a Diploma in Education (PGDE) from NIE.


Sylvia Chan

As a former Urban & Transport Planner with the government, Sylvia is no stranger to the real-world application of math.

As a working mother with a gift for communication, Sylvia is known for her ability to improve learning outcomes with her bright, engaging and nurturing teaching style. 

With just under a decade of tutoring experience, Sylvia's enthusiasm for inspiring young minds motivated her to make the switch to become a full-time educator. Sylvia graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Degree in Urban Planning and Development and is specialist with P1 and P2 learners.


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