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We inspire learning through math.

Primary & Secondary Math Specialists. Small Groups. Learners First.


Learners first, always.

LearnersEd is an enrichment centre that specialises in improving learning outcomes for both Primary & Secondary math.

Our teachers are dedicated to help learners enhance their subject mastery and inspire learning through math. 

We adopt a purposeful approach to learning, making math relatable and relevant for learners to prepare them for all eventualities, not just a high-stake national examination.



Featured Events

Here are some of our latest workshops and activities. For more, do explore the events section in the menu!


Everything Worth Knowing About PSLE 2019

With the recent changes to the primary education syllabus, join us as our team shares about the new academic expectations of PSLE and what parents can do to stay ahead.

This parent briefing is designed to be relevant for those with children in primary school and not limited to those in P5 and P6.


June Holidays Booster Workshops

Make full use of the June holidays to deepen your child’s understanding in major topics taught in Term 1 and 2.

The booster workshops are designed to prepare P4 - P6 learners to be examination-ready at each level. This includes areas such as reinforcing understanding, application, confidence and resilience. 


Class Schedule for 2019 Now Available!

2018 has been a wonderful year. Thank you all for your unwavering support! When we’re not teaching, our teachers are always working on improving the curriculum based on what we’ve learnt, and implementing it for the next batch!

PS: Class Schedule 2019 will commence on 5 Nov 2018!


We don't stop.

With over two decades of experience, our teachers carry an intimate understanding of the Singapore education system & a relentless passion for teaching.


How Parents Feel

"Hi Mrs Low, I want to let you know that Madeleine got 90.5 for her Math at SA2. This is a big improvement for her. Thanks again for teaching her and your encouragement. This helps her a lot. Thank you!"

— Serene


"Dear Mrs Tan, Thank you for teaching me all the wonderful Maths tricks! You are a great, awesome teacher."

— Violet Lee



How Learners Feel

The opportunity to inspire a learner to discover the joy of learning makes teaching valuable to us. 


We're Here!

Block 136 Potong Pasir Ave 3
#01-166 S350136

Potong Pasir Mrt (NEL) - 2 mins walk

Tues to Fri: 12pm to 8.30pm,
Sat: 9am to 4pm, Sun to Mon: Closed


Join us today.

Education is a journey, not a means to an end.

Classes start from SGD 40 a lesson.